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A simple and satisfying strawberry dessert for spring

Published May 14 2019 in Recipes, Spring

To make this wonderful seasonal dessert, just read on!

One of the many parts of spring I look forward to each year is strawberry season! Around here, strawberries are ripe during the month of May. And ever since my son was able to walk, we go each year to McAdams Farm in Efland, NC, to pick and enjoy the fresh, locally grown berries.  

My son hamming it up!

Last week, we ventured out to McAdams on a blissfully mild and sunny afternoon.  The skies feel vast out on the farm and being in the middle of the open spaces takes me back to playing in the pastures of my family home as a child. The strawberry fields are adjacent to the farm’s flower crops and the rows of brightly colored blooms make for a gorgeous, showy backdrop.   

Can you spy the barn quilt in the background?

It didn’t take long to fill a basket as the plants were laden with berries! While we picked, I admired the white blossoms against the dark, shiny greenery.  They have a lovely, unfussy shape and each one represents a future strawberry!

We like to eat the berries fresh because they’re picked at the peak of ripeness.  With this batch of berries, we decided to enjoy them with homemade whipped cream. 

This unassuming dessert showcases the fruit’s full flavor and deep, red color. And you don't need a recipe per se to make this!

After cutting off the tops and slicing the strawberries into quarters I set them aside in a bowl. Separately, I measured out one cup of whipping cream into a mixing bowl.

The next ingredients--sweetener, flavoring and spices--can be added to taste and according to your preference. To the whipping cream I added a tablespoon of powdered sugar, a splash each of vanilla and coconut extracts and two dashes of ground cardamom. 

Lemon, cinnamon, honey, nutmeg, mint, almond and rosemary all play well with strawberries so this is something you can be creative with depending on what you have in the pantry or in the garden!

A quick go with a hand mixer yielded fluffy, decadent whipped cream!


If you’re looking to bulk up this dessert, serving the strawberries and whipped cream with biscuits, scones, angel food or pound cake make it more substantial.

I might do that next time. But honestly, this preparation is so satisfying and can be put together quickly.  And it’s a wonderful way to celebrate springtime, whether you make it with the kids in your life, to serve to guests, or just for yourself! 



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