Harmony Farm Candles is now closed. Thank you for your kind support over the years!

COVID-19 Update

Published Mar 19 2020 in Customer Appreciation, Life

Hello, friends!

As we continue to live through this time of COVID-19, I wanted to provide an update on the Harmony Farm Candles operations.

You're probably already aware that this candle business is a one-woman show.  And I make the delightfully fragranced goodies offered on this site in a less-than-300-square-foot studio located behind my cottage.

Without a brick-and-mortar presence, or employees, the pandemic is actually not affecting Harmony Farm Candles in the same way for many other types of businesses. 

Regardless, good hygiene is being practiced through lots of hand-washing around here (while singing the Happy Birthday song twice through to myself) and keeping work surfaces clean.  

No one in my household is experiencing symptoms of the virus but if that changes, I will temporarily stop making candles and go into quarantine. 

The Centers for Disease Control's COVID-19 FAQ page indicates no evidence that the virus is spread through shipped goods. That means candles are being made as long as orders come in and I remain in good health to make them.

I deeply appreciate all the support you've shown so far by shopping online and staying in touch on social media!  It's really amazing to see how people are reacting to this strange time with such compassion, big-heartedness and love.

Be well, take care of yourselves and your communities, and know we're all in this together. ❤️

Erin Hils
Candlemaker and Owner
Harmony Farm Candles




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