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Customer Profile: Brittney Dickson

Published Oct 07 2019 in Customer Appreciation, Customer Profile, Life

One part of Harmony Farm Candles that I enjoy so much is meeting YOU, the wonderful customers and fans of this handmade business. It’s fascinating to hear your stories and learn more about your interests, to know what you value and brings you joy. 

This is the first installment of a periodic series to shine a light on the supporters  of Harmony Farm Candles.  Your kindness and enthusiasm are sustaining and help to keep me making. For that I'm ever grateful! 

Take care and now, let's get to know, Brittney!


Brittney Dawn Dickson

Mesa, AZ--Durham has adopted me though, and it feels the most like home of anywhere I've lived. 

Who makes up your family?
Greg, Lady @ladybugdoodle on Instagram, and yours truly.

What's your job/endeavor/passion?
I'm the Director of Operations for a Software Development Company in Downtown Durham. I'm passionate about writing, travel, and personal development! Many people don't know I was originally an English/Journalism major in college, and I'm working towards publishing my first book. Words are a powerful force, and I'm a total nerd about them! Non-fiction and Historical Fiction are my jams 

Where's your favorite vacation or travel spot?
Bali is my dream destination, and I will be traveling abroad a lot more in the coming months/years!  I'm passionate about travel near and far, it's a life source to me! People know me for having a sense of adventure even in my own backyard. The triangle always has so much going on, and there are hidden gems everywhere! What I call "radius (the 5-10 miles around your house) living" keeps you stuck in a mundane rut. I don't believe in that way of living, and honestly would probably got nuts limiting my experiences like that. When you get out of your radius, and your comfort zone, there are soo many inspiring places to discover in your own community or within a short drive. 

What do you like most about your home?
Were are in a rental and honestly it's not my ideal, we plan to buy in the Spring and I can't wait to personalize our own space! That said, I've always believed whether you rent or own you can make any house feel like a home. You will find personal touches, and deliberate design choices throughout our home that make it feel like ours. 

What's your favorite meal to prepare or eat?
I'm passionate about clean, organic eating....but I love prepared desserts. It's quite the combination I know . I believe in intuitive eating, our bodies are so wise. 

When it comes to gardening, would you say you have a green thumb or a black thumb?
I looove gardening, and my house is full of plants, but I definitely can't say I have a green thumb. I garden to ground myself and get back in touch with the earth. I'm slightly addicted to the blissful joy of buying new plants! I don't always see the fruits of my labor, but the journey was worth it all the same. I originally started gardening as an exercise to challenge my perfectionist tendencies, gardening is absolutely perfect for any fellow perfectionist out there. There is no such thing as perfect in the world of plants, the rise and fall of their growth with the change in environment and seasons is such a beautiful lesson on life.  

Do you have a secret talent? If so, what is it?
Can't think of one. 

I enjoy Harmony Farm Candles because...
I originally met Erin and found Harmony Farm Candles at a local farmers market, her candles smelled amazing and her packaging was adorable! More importantly she was the first person to educate me on what is in our candles. I love that instead of toxic chemicals, when I burn a Harmony Farms candle I am also making a healthy choice for my family and our home. Her candles are completely non-toxic, last longer than any other candles I've ever bought, and smell incredible! Supporting a woman-owned local entrepreneur is such a pleasure! I've made a more concerted effort to be a more mindful consumer in the last few years. Buying local, high-quality products that have an impact on me and my community makes my purchase so much more fulfilling!

My favorite Harmony Farm Candles product is...
For fall, I love the Chai Tea Candle. Its scent makes any room feel cozy with a little bit of spice! 

Thank you for sharing about yourself, Brittney!  You answers were so thoughtful and self-reflective. It's a pleasure to know you and I appreciate your support & kindness! <3

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