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Meet the Candlemaker

WELCOME and thank you so much for your interest in the colorful, cozy world of Harmony Farm Candles.

Erin - Harmony Farm Candles

Hi there! I’m Erin Hils, the owner, creator and candlemaker behind this handmade brand.

We’re too complex to capture in a mere sentence, but a few things to know about me are that I love my family, the color aqua, kitties, reading, making my cottage feel homey and cheerful, fresh flowers, drinking strong coffee, baking (and of course eating those treats!), and bringing joy into both the lives and homes of women through delightful fragrances!

Honestly, never ever would I guess I’d end up making candles for a living. With a degree in journalism and work experience in public relations, real estate sales and public library communications, it just goes to show that life can be a seemingly unpredictable but beautiful adventure.

After having my only child in 2006, his birth also bloomed a strong desire in me to be creative. During the early years of parenting, I explored my creativity through interior decorating, sewing, painting furniture, crafting and, you guessed it...candlemaking!

Practicing the art and science of home fragrance thrilled me. I became enamoured in having beautiful scents in my home and noticed how at various times they lifted my spirits, brought additional coziness, deepened the ambience around celebrations or facilitated an atmosphere of relaxation.

As an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory and a typical Cancer, creating a comfortable, hospitable home and helping people are two aspects of these identities that drive who I am.  I like to think that designing and making candles marries these two aspects together in a way that brings beauty and happiness to others. The positive effects of day-to-day joys cannot be underestimated (which is one of the reasons I surround myself with aqua, my favorite color!) So it’s my wish that my creations add to your joy!

Thank you for reading and I hope visiting here today brings you a smile and a feeling of delight.

Take care,

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