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Wholesale Account Set-Up and Ordering Tutorial

Welcome!  I'm so excited to be able to offer you online wholesale ordering here at Harmony Farm Candles.

This tutorial will take you through the process of:

  • navigating the wholesale portion of the site
  • setting up your online wholesale account
  • logging into your account
  • placing orders online

Let's get started, shall we?


When you're on the homepage of Harmony Farm Candles, all of the wholesale information and links are found under the Wholesale tab near the top of the page.  

These links are: 

The first link under the Wholesale tab takes you to the Wholesale Info & Policies page.  You're greeted with a welcome message and an invitation to join the stocking mailing list.

Next you'll find the current wholesale policies. Please be sure to read all the way through the policies so you can fully understand minimums, lead times, shipping, etc.  Within this page, you can easily find links mentioned above for the container options, scent descriptions, account creation and account login as well.

The next link under the Wholesale tab takes you to the Container Options page.  There are five container options for wholesale orders: wax melts, travel tin candles, jelly jar candles, zinc jar candles and milkglass jar candles.  This page shares information on each option including their sizes, wholesale/retail pricing, minimum units and suggested uses.

The Scent Descriptions link is next under the Wholesale tab. This is a full listing of the scents available this year.  The available dates of seasonal collections are noted, as well as best sellers, for your convenience.

Now that you're familiar with the policies, the product options and the available scents, it's time to set up your online wholesale account and learn how to place an order!


To create your wholesale account as an existing stockist, simply click on Apply Here under the Wholesale tab. Fill in the fields in the sign-up form and then click the aqua Continue button at the end of the form.  Within 24 hours, you'll receive an email invitation to confirm the creation of your online account. If you haven't yet carried Harmony Farm Candles products in your shop, please also complete the Stockist Inquiry Form to be considered. 

Once your account is confirmed, you're ready to login and place an order!

To login to your account, click on Stockist Login under the Wholesale tab. Enter the email address you created your account with and the password you selected. 

Once logged in, you'll see a message from me, highlights of seasonally available collections and your contact information. Click on View Quick Order Form to proceed to the wholesale order form.

When you click on View Quick Order Form, you'll see a list of the scent collections and product categories to the left.  Each of these items is a link to the respective collection or category.  Here I've selected the Citrus Collection and the items in the collection appear on the screen.  The wholesale pricing is listed for each item. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, I'm going to place an order for French Lavender products.  I clicked on the Floral Collection link on the left to display those products and I added the number of products I would like to the cart.

However, since I didn't meet the minimum number of products, a pop-up box appears on the screen to let me know.  If this happens when you put items in your cart, simply adjust the quantity/quantities so the minimum per item is satisfied and you'll be able to continue.  Minimums per container type are listed in Container Options.

Once I adjust the product quantities to meet the minimums, the cart allows me to proceed to the next step in the checkout process. Not only have I met the product minimums, I've also met the re-order minimum of $100. 

Now it's time to confirm the shipping information.

And lastly the shipping has been calculated and the grand total is ready. At this point just input your credit card information and submit the order.  You're finished!

If you have any questions about topics covered in the tutorial or run into any hiccups while setting up your account or ordering, don't hesitate to be in touch. This is new for all of us and it's natural to have a learning period to become familiar with a different way of doing things. I'm here to help you and I hope you enjoy having this option for easily finding all of the Harmony Farm Candles wholesale information in one place!


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